Seamless & Global Managed Platform Services

The comprehensive service catalog of GMOne managed platform services allow our customers to operate IT services across different business units and geographies in a consistent manner, globally.

A single operational model provides insight into the capacity and performance of all your IT infrastructure items. This supports your business planning and ensures that your infrastructure services are constantly aligned with your business requirements.

We have developed our GMOne managed services around a “Smart Sourcing” design whereby the scope and scale of the services are aligned with that of cloud consumption models. In this way, you can be assured that our managed services are constantly aligned with your business requirements as well.


The Most Advanced Networking Services in the World

The global market has changed. Innovative business models, better-informed customers, and nimble competitors all demand that your business be agile. This means fast access to high-speed, reliable global networks and advanced network services.

As one of the largest network providers in the world, NTT Communications has the proven capability to ensure that the design, implementation, and management of your network can enable your business to maximize the benefits of Hybrid IT in a secure and reliable way.

Supported Platforms and Technologies

  • Datacenter and office LAN devices.
  • WAN and remote access devices.
  • Security devices.
  • Application delivery and acceleration devices.
  • Public Cloud networking appliances.
  • Supported technologies include Cisco, Fortinet, Citrix, F5, Palo Alto and many more.

Networking Case Study: McLaren F1 Racing

Across a race weekend, McLaren needs to share millions of individual data-points, which must criss-cross the globe between factory and racetrack. Their implementation of a cloud-based system has allowed the different departments to share data in a faster, more secure, and agile way. At peak times – during a track session – the data traffic is immense, so the NTT Communications-supported network must be robust enough to deal with that additional workload, as well as supporting the rest of the business in its daily activities.

Working with NTT Com, McLaren leverages the industry’s largest dedicated transpacific Internet bandwidth managed under one global policy, backed by industry- leading SLAs. Positioned as a leader in Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for Network Services Global for the fifth consecutive year, and winner of the Best Global Operator at the 2017 World Communication Awards, we have one of the most advanced portfolios of network services, and continually rate highly for customer service.

As a business, McLaren has become global with locations worldwide that require mission-critical connectivity. Ranging from Grand Prix activity at 21 locations using SD-WAN to an expanding office base for McLaren Applied Technologies who require robust WAN services.

Mr. Matt Lockie, IT Director for Racing, McLaren Technology Group said, “In the highly competitive world of Formula One, our ability to partner with NTT Communications to utilize state of the art SD-WAN technology really helps to give us an advantage over the competition. I am proud of the way our teams have worked together in delivering such innovative network technology to meet the challenging requirements of fast data delivery to our engineers trackside and back at base in Mission Control”.

Read the full case study on our special McLaren/NTT Com website on how we help McLaren go faster with global network services and SD-WAN.

End To End Remote Server Management for Business Continuity

Servers are pivotal to business continuity in today’s connected world. But managing and maintaining even a medium sized server infrastructure is a big and time-consuming task.

Through GMOne, our global range of next-generation managed services means we can deliver end-to-end server management, including routine software updates, proactive security updates, performance monitoring and custom application configuration. Together with a range of integrated storage options. Whether you are hosting virtual or physical servers, our Managed Server solution can deliver optimized OS maintenance, delivered securely and remotely.

Delivering over and above the hardware layer, the result is fast, reliable and scalable server technology, customized to your business requirements and applications. All backed by 24/7 support from a team of global experts.

We support all mainstream server platforms and technologies such as; HP, Dell, Lenovo, SuperMicro and IBM – running Linux or Microsoft operating systems.

You Can Only Go Faster if ALL Parts of Your Machine are FULLY Optimized

Your IT infrastructure supports many of the essential day-to-day activities of business. With infrastructures becoming more complex and users placing greater demands on IT, efficient infrastructure management is key to enhanced operational efficiency and agile decision making.

Many enterprises now rely on NTT Com’s GMOne applications, systems, and services portfolio to perform their critical management tasks that underpin business operations – optimizing workflow and providing a 360-degree view of their IT estate.

Taking a scalable, agnostic approach, GMOne has the infrastructure management expertise to help you deliver the performance you need now and into the future.

Supported platforms and technologies:

  • Hypervisor and OS including Microsoft, Linux, VMWare, Citrix, IBM.
  • Servers including HP, Dell, Lenovo, SuperMicro, IBM.
  • Storage including EMC, NetApp, IBM, HP, Nimble.

Backup and replication including Symantec, Veeam, Barracuda, IBM, HP, VMWare, Simpana.

Zero downtime for the whole 2017 season and a great team to work with. What more can I say?”     Randeep Singh, Head of Strategy, McLaren