Networking Security

Is your Network Ready for the Digital Future?

IDC, a global leading provider of technology market research, has developed the Next Generation WAN Advisor, sponsored by NTT Communications, to help organizations assess the state of their WAN as they embrace digital transformation.

CIO Articles

Hybrid IT Guide

CIOs who just stay operational will find themselves further marginalized over the next three years. For these executives to stay relevant, they must shift their focus to transformation and innovation and incorporate those innovations into their stable infrastructures.

Managed Services

GMOne Brochure

This handy one-page summary covers all you need to know about GMOne services and outlines our approach to next-generation IT service delivery.

Cloud Management

Azure Stack Data Sheet

Companies around the world are under pressure to transform into digital organizations. The ability to produce business-changing apps can help companies engage customers, empower employees, optimize operations, and transform products. Get the facts on Azure Stack in this short data sheet from Microsoft.

CIO Articles Cloud Management

Azure Stack

The business case for using cloud is now not “if”, but when? If you have not migrated already, or started to prepare your hybrid cloud strategy, don’t wait at the start line too long or you will find yourself being lapped….

Infrastructure Management

Guide to Managed Networks – Asian Market Edition

Today’s business world is shrinking. Businesses are connected 24/7 talking to customers, suppliers and partners round the globe. They need to be agile and fast to take advantage of new business opportunities, no matter where or when they are happening. This digital mind set demands a secure, reliable and robust infrastructure that inspires trust.